ArmA 3

ArmA 3 —  computer game series ArmA developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS) studio for Windows OS, a genre a tactical shooter in the open world. The alpha version left on March 5, release of a beta is expected in the II quarter, and full release in the III quarter 2013.


The game’s plot

After a few years of tense war against the East armies, Europe became the last bulwark of the pulled about troops of NATO. Being pressed to the sea, command of NATO takes desperate measures in attempt to solve a situation. Thus, an operation begins under the name “Magnitude”.


The small group of forces of the Special Purpose and Researches goes on the Mediterranean islands to the back of the enemy. But the mission is at risk, and the task force dies, leaving Captain Scott Miller alone. His washed ashore enemy island. To fulfill its mission, Scott has to face the dangers of modern warfare, the environment and the consequences of their decisions.

ArmA 3 offers players fascinating campaign, opportunity to operate air, land and water activities of transport, to change appearance of the character and customize the sets of equipment. Also in game the multiplayer with support of the allocated servers, allowing to play as in cooperative, and against each other.

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